Monday, 1 June 2009

about my last project

1) was working in a group fun?

yer i found it enjoyable but very stressful as i found that my role in the group kept on changed as to what i was meant to be doing.

2) did i think that the producer was communicating well with the others?

in deciding on who was going to be the producer (which i had also wanted to be) no one else got a say in on if they wanted to be producer or not. when i said at the beginning that i would like the role of producer i was told that i wouldnt be up to it as im always ill with me CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) i felt this was un fair as this was now the second time this has been told to me. how can i prove that i would make a good producer if no one will give me a chance. our producer did sometimes listen to our ideas but would not do anything about it. i made 2 versions of the ball bouncing on the ground and said the the one that he wanted would not look right unless i could animate over the top of the moving back. he said that it would all work out if i got it done. i also told him that the non moving back ground with the ball comming in and bouncing off the walking stick should all be visable (like in the ruby part with winnie running across the scene)

after they chose the one i said wouldnt work then found that moving the background made it jumpy and so the had the back ground stationary (like i said would happen) but with the animation for a moving background. this ment that winnie would instead of not moving and waiting for the ball she would slip it to meet the ball.

3) what would i change about my animation if i could do it again?

i would keep with my first idea unless i got the moving background BEFORE i started the animating

4) did i think the end result was what we were all aming for?

in a way yes i do. little things we added as we went along but our end result was quite alot like how i imagend it would turn out.