Monday, 2 March 2009

Live @ 5

Live @ 5 is a news brordcast that the university does every week. we were asked to do all of the animation that is needed for it. We were split up into groups of about 8 ( 4 groups) i was in the first group but was ill on the monday we were ment to do it so i joined the 3rd group. i was working on the weather and surf chart. we were told what they needed it to show and created it as they wanted it. they being the jurnalist department who were doing this.

i belive we all worked well in the group to put this all togeather. these are some of the stills of the weather and map that i created (the final thing was all animated though)



high tide

surf report

i was unlucky as that the day our one was meant to air i was very ill and could not get out of bed to see it all put up and played in live with the live at five reporters.

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