Tuesday, 28 April 2009


WOW I havent updated this in a while. well now what have i been getting up to since last time. well in Feb and March I had a project for ChewTV. this was to make an Ident for their website.

i had my idea from the film Slither. i wanted to do a gag Ident as well though so i thought that having something "chewing" on the snake slither thing.

I also had to work on this on my own which i felt was the hardest thing cause i couldnt get all that i wanted done in the time that i had. Such as making mini models of them, other input of ideas, people helping with sound and the animation.

The last few days i found i couldnt concentrate on what i had to do cause i found out that one of my friends died and he was all i could think about. this was another reason that i would have liked to have worked in a group so i had someone else who could concentrate on the project.

the pre-production i thought went very well the only problem was writing it up but that has always been hard for me to do. i cant seem to get my ideas onto paper, i never really have been able to and that shows in what little there is that i can show to people about my ideas and planning. i know what i need to do and what im doing cause i have a good memory for that kind of thing.

In the end i felt that it went well despite what happened. The final thing came out slightly how i wanted it to but i came across i problem with the texturing and that was that the models faces along the body were back to frount and some were at an angle to the others.

This is what i finished with

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